About The EV Chief

The EV Chief is a gambling lifestyle and educational site, with two goals in mind. One, to help gamblers lose less money (or even win) at the tables, at the sportsbook, and at the Big Wheel….ok, not the Big Wheel. Two, to provide commentary on the casino industry as a whole, exposing truths, and overall just “sticking it to the man” when we feel the industry is doing wrong by its consumers.

Our founder, Robert DellaFave, is a 12-year veteran of the casino industry, having worked for several gambling publications as a writer, editor, and eventually, a business owner. These include Online Poker Report, Rotogrinders, Sports Handle, and US Bets. He also possesses extensive experience as an advantage gambler and is ready to share some of those secrets.

The idea for The EV Chief spawned from a general dissatisfaction with gambling media, which has become too indoctrinated with pleasing its casino clients — after all, they pay the bills — and not focused enough on the average punter. With casinos tightening their belts to the point of asphyxiation in recent years, most affiliate sites selling fabrications, and touts selling outright lies, the gambling community is in need of people who gives it to them straight.

Therefore, The EV Chief will only consider advertising and marketing agreements with partners that its own members already back with their gambling dollars. Transparency is our game, with the ultimate goal of seeing the industry grow its volume by providing a more enjoyable, fairer environment for those it exclusively depends on: its players.