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Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketers Can Empower Gamblers To Make Better Decisions

Through transparancy and education, affiliate marketers can empower gamblers, in so long as their vision isn't clouded by dreams of short term profits.

WSOP Online Bracelet Disaster

The 2020 WSOP Online Bracelet Schedule Is A Complete Shambles

High hopes for the 2020 Online Bracelet series were dashed when the poorly conceived schedule was released.

Rows of different dice

Trade Up: Five Casino Games That Offer Way Better Bets Than The Ones You’re Making

You don't have to switch games to increase your chances of beating the casino, just avoid the shifty bets with outrageous house edges.

D.C. lottery rep is wrong

Amazing. Every Word Of What A D.C. Lottery Rep Said About Sports Betting Is Wrong

A recent statement from a D.C. Lottery spokeswoman embodies everything that is wrong with lotteries running online sports betting sites.

Blackjack dealer at a casino

The Five Essential Blackjack Rules That Can Make Or Break Your Session

The journey from blackjack neophyte to master is riddled with hurdles. Start by identifying which rules are great for the player, and which are trash.

Oregon Lottery Line Change

Oregon Sports Betting: A Tale Of Alternative Lines And Public Lies

The legal sports betting industry received another punch in the eye when the Oregon Lottery gave a pro sports bettor an alternative line, and lied about it.

Triple Zero Roulette Digital Venetian

The Triple Zero Roulette Atrocity Rears Its Ugly Head; How Players Can Enact Change

With the reopening of Las Vegas, comes the unfortunate reemergence of Triple Zero Roulette, but players have the power to make sure it's buried for good.

Progress bar for a computer upgrade

Fixing Responsible Gaming: If Gambling Operators Won’t Act Responsibly, How Can Players?

Responsible gaming tools on are not nearly as effective as they should be. Reform would go a long way toward curtailing problem gambling.

GambetDC Sports Betting Logo

It’s Sports Betting, Only Worse: The Woefully Titled GambetDC Goes Live In Washington D.C.

The legal sports betting industry in the U.S. has acted as a real-life tutorial on how to alienate consumers. The DC Lottery product is the latest example.

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